MPS Building and Electrical is committed to environmental best practice, and to the continual improvement of its environmental performance, recognising its obligations both locally and globally, to the present and succeeding generations.

MPS Building and Electrical is committed to implementing the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. MPS Building and Electrical are commited to ensuring its onsite activities comply with any relevant environmental policies of BHP Billiton Olympic Dam Operations. When working on any other client site, all rules and regulations of that client shall be adhered to. Managers and supervisors are responsible for identifying and assessing the potential environmental impacts of MPS Building and Electrical activities.

Where there is a potential adverse impact on the environment, control measures must be implemented.

Employees must take reasonable care to minimise harm to the environment and must comply with all instructions and MPS Building and Electrical policies and procedures established to protect the environment.

In line with our policy MPS Building and Electrical aims to, as far as is reasonably practicable, consider all of the following:

  • Controlled and uncontrolled emissions to atmosphere
  • Controlled and uncontrolled discharges to water or sewers
  • Solid and other wastes, particularly hazardous wastes
  • Contamination of land
  • Use of land, water, fuels and energy, and other natural resources
  • Discharge of thermal energy, noise, odour, dust, vibration and visual impact
  • Danger to flora and fauna
  • Existence of, and risk to, heritage sites

Environmental Policy
MPS Building & Electrical are committed to an effective management of work health and safety, and injury management which are prioritised high with all other operational requirements. View PDF