A primary objective of MPS Building and Electrical is to maintain a leading position in the commitment to deliver service and products in a professional, safe and sustainable manner so as to exceed client and customer expectations. Our team members are proud to be an integral part of our business and enjoy a safe and professional working environment with every opportunity for advancement, personal growth and involvement in decision making processes. There is to be a high level of trust, respect and professionalism amonst all team member, customers and directors.

Each and every person must understand and subscribe to the business’ company statement and will at all times adhere to its accomplishment and vision.

The owners of the company will ensure that the welfare of the business, customers and employees are placed above their own self interests.

Our business will always strive to be innovative, hones and professional in its service delivery and dealings with clients and be guided by its principal purpose. The services we offer will be clearly depicted, highly structural and priced in accordance with the value it will represent to the customer.

MPS Building and Electrical will achieve the set business objectives through a structured continuous improvement program that ensure the quality of our services and products, enhances the workforce skills, meets the needs of the company, maintains the quality objectives and ensures management is focused on the implementation of the quality management system.

Quality objectives are reviewed by management annually (12 monthly) with a detailed review of each being undertaken to ensure the objectives are suitable at the time of review.

In line with our policy MPS Building and Electrical aims to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable that we will deliver high quality service and products to customers that:

  • Are technically sound and satisfy their needs
  • Represent value for money and are within budget
  • Comply with all legislative and statutory requirements
  • Through exceptional service, meet or exceed their expectations
  • Are environmentally sensitive
  • Pass all inspection and testing procedures
  • Promote self satisfaction within our workforce
  • Do it Right the 1st Time

Quality Management Policy
MPS Building & Electrical are committed to an effective management of work health and safety, and injury management which are prioritised high with all other operational requirements. View PDF